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  • Chris Bannor

Earth Tours R Us

Greetings Earthlings! I come in peace!

Possibly. The people in movies can never tell if the aliens are going to be peaceful or come for our annihilation. We know before we sit down in our seats what sort of story we’re coming to see though, and for the most part, the aliens are not our friends.

Except for Star Trek. You can always count on Star Trek for a few alien friends to help you out of trouble (or get you into it). In fact, I love watching the interactions of Spock and Dr. McCoy in Star Trek. I don’t care if it’s the original cast or the reboot. I love the actors and the banter they share.

The Next Generation had some great moments also, and I must admit that a bit of my story was inspired by the movie First Contact. I love the storyline where the crew is trying to help the humans of the past make first contact with an alien race. Although the human set to make first contact is cynical, the crew helps him get his ship in the skies in an event that turns human history on its ear.

There is a hopefulness in that story that I really enjoy. When I sat down to write a story for We’re the Weird Aliens, I wanted to write something funny. I am not a humorous writer though, so instead of some laughs, I ended up writing something hopeful instead.

The story is about a human, Annie, living in a space station above the Earth. Although humanity can no longer survive on the planet, there are plenty of aliens in the universe that are happy to spend their time on the planet. Annie spends her days giving tours of Earth ruins for the aliens that come to visit. When one of her colleague’s comments on the weird nature of humans, Annie wonders if we are weird.

Or maybe it’s just her.

The story, “Any Other Way”, came out this week in the anthology, We’re the Weird Aliens, edited by Mara Lynn Johnstone. Grab your copy and see what 28 different authors have to say about just how weird humans really are!

Click on the image below to get more information about We’re the Weird Aliens. While you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for information about upcoming events, books, and fun resources I find in my search for… whatever the story calls for today!

I hope you’re having a fantastic November, that Nano is treating you right if you are tackling it, and that the words are going your way!

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