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  • Chris Bannor

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Okay, I’m a few days early, but it’s one of my favorite holidays and I can’t help myself! Not only is the costume lovers’ holiday almost here, but I also have stories coming out in a Halloween themed anthology! Tomorrow I have five drabbles being released in a new anthology, Forest of Fear, Volume 2 by Bloodsong Books. As the second in the series - and with Halloween only a few days away - it seemed appropriate to go back to the first book and take a look at one of the two stories I had published in Forest of Fear, Volume 1.

I love Halloween and all the amazing costumes that people come up with. There’s been a lot of conversation in recent years though about how appropriate some costumes are. They might be considered traditional costumes that were worn when I was a kid, but now we recognize that some were quite insensitive to others.

When I began to think of something to write for the first Forest of Fear, I started to wonder, what if other creatures were upset that humans have been using them as costumes all these years?

What if vampires were tired of being seen as creatures with black capes and plastic teeth? What if werewolves had enough of the fake hair glued to people’s faces? What if witches wanted to be remembered for something more than tall, wide-brimmed hats?

If the supernatural creatures of the world decided they had enough of us parading around as them one day a year, what sort of havoc could they cause?

It was a fun thought and I really enjoyed turning it into the 100-word story “Cultural Appropriation” to share with everyone.

To learn more about Forest of Fear, Volume 1, click below on the link. While you’re on my page, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter which will be launching in the next month or so, to get more information about upcoming projects, resources, and even the occasional free read! And don’t forget to check out Forest of Fear, Volume 2, coming out on 10/26/20!


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