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  • Chris Bannor

Happy Nanowrimo!

And the name of the game this month is… Nanowrimo! That’s right. November is National Novel Writing Month, and in celebration of that, I am joining the masses at Nanowrimo to write 50,000 words in 30 days. My project, you ask? A new urban fantasy novel featuring a crime-solving team of not-quite humans, trying to protect the world from the bad guys the human cops don’t want to touch. You can follow my Twitter or Facebook pages to see how I’m keeping up with the writing pace.

Let’s be honest, like most of everyone I know though, my attention has been tangled in the U.S. election. Three days with no word count because I just can’t seem to sit down and put pen to paper. But what better day to talk about old inspiration? Hopefully, this will give me some new inspiration to get me typing tonight.

So, I decided to look at the latest anthology that I’m featured in. On 10/31/20, WPC Press published their first anthology, Circle of Magic. The cover is amazing and the people at WPC were extremely easy to work with and so excited about the project. I’m delighted to be a part of it! “Clasped Hands” is the story of magic users, forced to hide their magic their entire lives, only to be called upon to defend their people and their way of life. Today I chose to talk about the second story, “Spirits of the Natural World”.

I admit I have a love of faerie. No matter how you spell it. No matter if you call them fae or faeries or fairies. Cute Disney, Amy Brown Art, the Pressed Faerie Book (If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I adore this book!), or even the dark, dangerous sort. I love them all in equal measure. When the call came out for this book, I immediately thought of faerie mounds and dancing fae. I wanted to play around with the elements, so I gave each character an element and just let them run away with it. What would a fae with the power of earth do? What would one do with water? How would they celebrate their elements together? So, this drabble was a little celebration of my love of fae.

Please grab a copy of Circle of Magic by following the link below and let me know what you think of my stories! I hope you enjoyed this little pop inside my head! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter as well! I should have that up and running next month with writer’s resources, more bits and pieces of my brain, and maybe even some free reading for those so inclined :P

Happy November and happy writing!


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