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  • Chris Bannor

I am a writer, after all

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This last month has been rather exciting for me. As I mentioned before, I used to dream of being a writer but I was too scared to put myself on the line and show anyone my writing. A little over a year ago, things began to change. I met up with a friend and she took me to a meeting with a local group of writers that truly encouraged others to write.

It was a turning point for me.

Last November, I used Nanowrimo to finish writing the first draft of my first novel. (Check out if you don't know about this wonderful organization. I'll be posting more about Nano as I participate in the challenge again this year.) I'm still in the editing process with this story, but I managed to finish the story that I had been working on for years. To put "The End" on paper for that one was a huge milestone for me.

A couple months ago I decided to get on social media and begin to make connections in the writing world. And in making connections I began to find my way to the world of drabbles and short story anthologies. Now, I love a good word count challenge, so when I got published in the Black Hare Press drabble book, Beyond, I was thrilled.

This is the part that has been rather exciting.

Since that publication, I have been accepted into a total of seven other drabble anthologies. I've also had two short stories accepted into two different publishers as well.

Today, it felt like a good day to remember that I didn't think I could. That I put it off and tried not to let the stories in my head find their way to paper.

It feels good to remember that when I put aside that doubt and fear, I could. I did.

I am a published author. At this time, I have had twenty-two stories accepted into nine anthologies published by four different publishers. I have seven stories current out in submission. I have been rejected nineteen times and have submitted forty-eight times.

Why do I add on the rejected numbers to that list? Because I'm proud of them. They aren't failures to me. Every story submitted is an act of bravery. It's me looking back and telling myself, I did it. I faced that fear and doubt and I put myself out there.

Will I be rejected again? Absolutely. Will I continue on? Absolutely. I am a writer, after all.


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