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  • Chris Bannor

Love Stories: Tales from the Darker Edge of Love

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

It’s that day. The day we celebrate lovers, sweethearts, and romantic dinners. Wine. Chocolate. Flowers.

Or… do you like the darker side of love? As much as I am a romantic at heart, I don’t have a single love story to share with you. I do, however, have stories in a few anthologies geared towards the other side of love. The obsessive and the murderous. The tortured and the tormented. From Bad Romance to Love: Dark Drabbles #7, to Love in the Dark, and Dark Valentine, there are plenty of books for those stories of love and passion gone wrong.

And this week, I’ll be adding one more to the list. On Feb. 14th, Black Hare Press released the anthology 13 Drops of Blood. Jodi Jensen led this project and invited 12 writers to contribute a story to a shared world of ghosts and tales of revenge. I was thrilled to be included in this project.

Jodi wrote an opening chapter that unleased 13 ghosts into the world. Our job was to take one of these ghosts and weave our tale around them.

If you’ve heard me talk lately, you know I’m a bit fae obsessed these days. When I was told the premise of the book, I was immediately pulled into the idea of a fae hiding in the modern world, running from a ghost that is haunting him.

The novel I’m working on is about supernatural creatures in a world that knows about them. It was fun to step out of that world and into one that knew nothing of the non-humans they lived alongside. And in this case, to create a place where the fae are beings of such immense wonder that they must stay hidden from humans. But what happens when a human chances across one of these beautiful creatures?

It’s a dark tale of obsession and passion, of sacrifice and self-hatred. It’s a story about horrifying mercy and haunting love.

If you want to learn more about it, Tim Mendees hosted a live feed for the book launch on 02/15/21. He also did an author’s showcase for authors who couldn’t be included in the event. In both videos, you’ll get to hear the authors talk about this amazing project and listen to a snippet of their stories read. You can catch me as part of the Author’s Showcase. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think about the reading of the opening sequence of my story, “Caleb: The Wild Hunt”.

You can find the videos here:

Live 13 Drops of Blood Book Launch with Tim Mendees:

13 Drops of Blood Author Showcase with Tim Mendees:

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