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  • Chris Bannor

Next on our tour, the planet Earth!

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Black Hare Press came up with an idea that I thought was brilliant. A free book series of different genres for people to read while they were stuck at home. I love these books and I wanted to be a part of this project. Especially when you see the book covers. The art is amazing. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to get into every book (they filled up fast) but I wanted to make sure I had a story in each genre they were offering; horror, fantasy, sci-fi, phantom, and paranormal romance. I managed that, and I am thrilled with the books that have come out.

The latest was the Lockdown Sci-fi #2, which featured my story “Invasive Species”, a quick read under 1000 words. The story is about a tour guide who is taking a group of interplanetary travelers on a sight-seeing tour of Earth.

In general, I try to keep anything remotely political separate from my writing, but I can’t help but look at the state of our planet and worry. That concern for our environment crept in here, and as a sci-fi geek, my thoughts took off into the realm of outer space. This story came about as I was thinking about what a mess we’ve made, and I realized we should really not be allowed off our planet.

I liked the idea that space needed a customs officer, checking to see what we were bringing out into the solar system and finding that, oh no. You can’t come out and play. There is an invasive species here that will harm the rest of the universe’s ecosystem. Leave it behind at the gates.

And that is how “Invasive Species” came to be. It was published on 09/19/20. Like the rest of the Lockdown series, you can buy it on Amazon in e-book or paperback, or you can download a free e-book from other retailers. Check it out on my books page for more information!


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