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  • Chris Bannor

That's a good look on you!

Can you believe how incredibly lucky I am? Did you SEE the new logo on my site? Yes! I was incredibly lucky to get this amazing new logo designed for my website and social media platforms and I am BEYOND excited about it. When I first spoke to the designer about it (Liz from Tourmaline and Quartz Publishing), I didn't give them much to go on. I'm a sci-fi/fantasy girl. Favorite mythological creature is a pheonix. I want something that speaks to my love and wonder and awe of speculative fiction. That's really it. Nothing more. In fact I struggled a lot trying to figure out what I would want in a logo. I had planned to try designing it myself, but coul dnever figure out how to do it.

I did not expect them to knock it out of the park the way she did with this, and certainly not as quickly as she did. The design looks amazing on the website AND on my business cards which I quickly printed up in time for Wondercon. I can't say enough about the service, the people, or the product. I mean... look at that! My logo is amazing! I am so incredibly happy with the look and I've been kicking myself, trying to find the time to update my page so I could share it with everyone! Let me know what you think!

In other news, new logo. New newsletter provider so I'll be starting up my monthly newsletter again. I hadn't intended on taking a break from it, but some issues with the old provider and trying to learn the new one have thrown me for a curve. I think I have it all sorted. We'll find out this weekend when I try to send out a newsletter again :P It will look gorgeous either way though, because that new logo will be right on top of the page for everyone to see! And you know it will be full of all sorts of fun links to follow. Because I love to share the clickity clicks!


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