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  • Chris Bannor

Trick or Treat!

The big day is finally here! Or… will be Saturday! Halloween! Trick or Treat! Candy day! Whatever you call it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I’ll be celebrating this year with a party with close family. It doesn’t take away the disappointment of missing trick-or-treat this year, but thankfully our family is healthy, and we all plan to stay that way. I plan to have a few games for the kids to play to ‘earn’ those bags of treats I’m handing out for them!

This week, I am thrilled to talk about Forest of Fears, Vol. 2. AS I mentioned last week, I had two stories in last year’s Forest of Fears, Vol. 1. I was very excited to get five drabbles into the sequel. Blood Song Books does an amazing job rounding up incredible writers, and there is no lack of imagination in these contributions!

For myself, I had a couple of different things I wanted to tell. I have a few stories about Samhain and the fae. I have a story about a camera bespelled to see ghosts. In the end, I wanted to talk about what inspired my story, “Stories Remain”.

When I was little, we always spent Halloween with family. We’d gather together and a few adults would lead us through the streets of our small town, in search of Halloween candy! When we had plenty (more than plenty) we would all meet back up and drive to my Great Aunt’s house. She lived on a farm and every year they’d host a large bonfire, and they’d load up their tractor and fill the back with hay for a hayride. (Yes, I am a California girl, but I was raised in Ohio.)

The older teens and younger adults would run through the woods, trying to scare us. And even though I knew in my head that I was safe, there was always this small part of me that was afraid. I loved every moment of the hayrides, but I was always a little relieved when we made it back to the farmhouse safely.

That memory inspired “Stories Remain”. The what-if in all our stories, in our daily lives. The moment you flip off the light and jump into bed quickly… just in case.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my brain. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, no matter how you celebrate it!

And if you are doing Nano in November, I wish you a happy beginning and I will see you in the NaNoWriMo forums!

For more information about the book, Forest of Fear, Vol. 2, click the link below! And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!


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