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  • Chris Bannor

Updates, updates, and more updates!

Welcome friends! I’m so excited to write this blog post today. My month of researching and playing around with my website is finally at an end and I have finished the updates to my page. I’m sure there will be plenty of changes to come, but I’ve added a small section about me, a place where you can see my list of current and upcoming book releases, and an event section, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Since I posted my first entry on this blog, I’ve been published in 11 anthologies. Some of them were anthologies of drabbles (a story told in exactly 100 words - a challenge that I dearly love) and some were short stories. They range from true horror to sci-fi to fantasy and everywhere in between.

In February, I was the runner-up for Eerie River Publishing’s first monthly competition. The theme was the much beloved and frequently done zombies. It was a fun challenge to try to breathe some new life into such an established myth. For my efforts, they published my story in their newsletter and on their website. This was a first for me, so I’m very proud of that accomplishment. It’s also a new publisher for me to work with, and they have been amazing. You can find my story, The Drive, at their website, by clicking on the image.

In other news, I had stories come out in two anthologies in February. On February 1st, Dark Valentine came out. This is a Valentine's drabble book for horror lovers. The second anthology for February was Twenty Twenty. This book was put out by Black Hare Press, and it is my fifth collaboration with them. This anthology was in the works before the fires began in Australia and Black Hare Press quickly made this a charity anthology with proceeds benefiting organizations who are providing care for the wildlife in the bushfire affected areas. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute a story to this anthology and this charity.

Check out my new Books page to learn more about Dark Valentine and Twenty Twenty and for links to where you can purchase your copy.

Coming up in March, I have two more anthologies coming out. Books 7 and 8 of the Dark Drabble series from Black Hare Press will be released on 03/17. Love and Hate will come out on the same day, and I am so in love with the covers of these books. I can’t wait to get a copy for my home library. I have 5 drabbles in each and I’m very excited to share them.

In event news, in February, author Theresa Halvorsen and I began hosting a writing talk for local writers. It’s a fun, informal get together where we sit, drink some coffee, and talk about our current WIPs, news of the business that we’ve picked up, and share stories of our meandering path through the writing business. If you are local, stop on by! We get together in the Temecula Valley Area in So Cal the second Tuesday of every month. You can get more info from my events page or by following me on Facebook!

Some things to look forward to in the next few months: I want to add some short stories and free content on the page to add a little something fun to it. I’m also looking to do a little throwback style blogging, talking about the stories I’ve had published so far, what inspired me to write them, and little tidbits into my crazy - I mean creative process.

Well, it looks like I have some editing to get to (I will get that novel polished one of these days), and a lot of writing to do. Until next time, keep reading, keep writing, and keep smiling!


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