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Virtual Events

Lost Lore and Legend Online Book Launch.
Zero Hour 2113 Video Chat.png

 On March 26, 2021, Breaking Rules Europe hosted an online book launch for their latest release, Lost Lore and Legends.  Get to know the authors and stick around for some live readings.  Join authors Chris Bannor, Chris Hewitt, C. Marry Hultman, Tim Mendees, and Patrick Winters for some lively conversation! 

 February 15, 2021, Tim Mendees presented an author showcase for the shared-world anthology, 13 Drops of Blood from Black Hare Press. Featuring appearances and readings from Chris Bannor, J.W. Garrett, Nicole Little & K.T. Tate, and contributions from Maxine Churchman, S.N. Graves, Jasmine Jarvis & M Sydnor Jr.

Friday November 27, 2020 , Author Tim Mendees hosted a live launch party for the Black Hare Press anthology 'Banned'.  If you missed it, you can catch the video online where  Chris  talks with Tim and authors Holley Cornetto, David Green & Trisha McKee to read their prequel drabbles and  talk about which songs inspired their stories.

The latest edition of After Hours is available for viewing. It is a Zero Hour 2113 special featuring Chris Bannor, Gregg Cunningham, David Green & Chris Hewitt. Tim Mendees talk to the authors about all kinds of stuff both related and completely unrelated to the book.



San Diego is an incredible city - but it's so large and so vast and so diverse that all of us are missing out on tons of great people, businesses, organizations, events and more.

SD Voyager wants to highlight the best of San Diego - from freelance makeup artists that will dazzle you to the best Meetup groups in town.

Join us as we interview speculative fiction authir

Clubhouse Chat with Paula Readman.webp

Join Chris Bannor as she chats with Paula Readman about her upcoming releases, her writing process, and unfinished projects.

Live Events

Coffee Talks

Coffee Time.jpg

Unfortunately, we've had to postpone our monthly Coffee Talks! 


Once we get up and running though, you can join  Chris and Warehouse Dreams author Theresa Halvorsen at a writer's gathering in Temecula, CA. Sign up for the newsletter or follow Chris on social media for up to date times and locations.

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