A Little Online Reading

Over the last year I've had the privilege to have some of my work published in online venues.  This means I have a few tidbits of writing to share.  Whether you're new to me and want to get a taste of my writing or if you just want to get a chance to read more, here are a few of my online stories that you can read for free.  

There are also a few free anthologies that I've been a part of.  When the world began to lockdown because of the corona virus in 2020, Black Hare Press began to publish free books to help people cope with this.  They published stories of horror, science fiction, phantoms, fantasy, and paranormal romance.  I didn't try to get in every publication they did, but I did want to be in one of each genre and I managed that.  I'll be adding them to the list as they come out.  You can buy a paperback or ebook at Amazon from my main book page, but the link here will be for a free ebook through other vendors.

You can also follow my twitter account for twitter fics.  I don't do it every day, but I do follow the #vss 365 prompts tag and try to contribute when my day isn't too hectic! 



Black Ink Fiction, March 2022

Monthly Drabble Contest




Black Hare Press Jan. 2021

Dark Moments

Theme= Dark Sci-Fi


Invasive Species

Black Hare Press Sept. 2020

Lockdown Series

Theme= Science Fiction


Supply Run

Black Hare Press August 2020

Lockdown Series

Theme = Phantoms


Fast Food

Black Hare Press July 2020

Lockdown Series

Theme= Horror


The Drive

Eerie River Press Feb 2020 Monthly Newsletter and Blog Challenge.  Theme= Zombies

The Feast.png

The Feast

Insignia Stories, Aug. 2021

Mythical Creatures of Asia

Loved Beyond Measure

Black Hare Press Oct. 2020

Lockdown Series

Theme= Paranormal Romance


The Hunt

Iron Faerie Publishing Sept. 2020

Hawthorn & Ash

Theme= Best of Compilation

Dark Moments - Brothers.jpg


Black Hare Press August 2020

Dark Moments Series

Theme= Dark/Fallen Angels

Dark Moments - One.jpg


Black Hare Press July 2020

Dark Moments Series

Theme= Zombies


Black Hare Press March. 2021

Dark Moments

Theme= Giants

Dark Moments - Spoils.jpg


Black Hare Press Oct. 2020

Dark Moments

Theme= Dark Fairies

Dark Moments - The Woodsman.jpg

The Woodsman

Black Hare Press Sept. 2020

Dark Moments

Theme= Dark Fairytales


The Hunger

Eerie River Press August 2020 Monthly Newsletter and Blog Challenge.  Theme= Nightmares


Room for One More

Semi-Sages of the Pages May 2020 Contest.  Theme= What would you do with an unexpected package?