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Once upon a time, over 50 international authors came together to bring to you tales of dragons, wolves, and imps spinning straw into gold. But these aren’t the stories you were told as a young child, oh no. These are fairytales spun from what might have happened had the tables turned.

Maybe a female knight saves the damsel in distress; or the Queen never guesses Rumplestiltskin’s name. Perhaps the sleeping princess isn’t quite who you thought she was. If you’ve grown tired of the same old “once upon a time” stories, check out Black Ink Fiction’s “Once Upon a Drabble” to get a new twist on these 100-word stories.


Featuring "Afternoon Sweets", "Street Rats of Hamelin", Swamp Princess", "Fresh Out of the Oven", and "No Longer" by Chris Bannor.

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