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We all know what it’s like to be completely overwhelmed, to feel like the world is ending. We all know what it’s like to feel alone.

So many people in the LGBTQ community face these struggles daily. We decided to honor this struggle and support one of own who felt like 2020 was going to end her world, by compiling post apocalyptic stories from some of the best in the business.

These are stories of survival, of strength, of mistakes and misguided good intentions. These are stories of hardship, of loneliness, of perseverance, and love. The proceeds for this book go to helping the beautiful, talented, and amazing writer S.A. Hunt who
deserves nothing but the best…

But the book is also for you. Yes. You. Whoever you are. It’s for you. When you feel like you’re alone in a dying world, put on some lipstick, hold your head high and
journey with us through these epic tales of Post Apocalipstick heroes. We’ll see you there.


Featuring "Can't Find the Way" by Chris Bannor.

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