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My Community Page

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I have a brand new community page and I would love for you to join it! Over there you can subscribe to my stories and chose how much access to me you get! You'll find my serial fiction there, as well as a library of some of my short stories and drabbles!

Serialized Fiction

Chan Yi has been in hiding for seven years, mourning the lover he can't forget. Wu DaQi is a man without a memory due to an augmentation surgery gone wrong. He's trying to piece together his life. When their paths cross unexpectedly, neither is prepared for the truth that will be revealed. Will they survive it together? Or will they end up back in the lab where it all started? Season One is completed at episode 30. 531: Global Games (season two) begins at episode 31.

Ezo is a young man who wants to explore the world and make a difference. Kammon is a former soldier who needs to atone. Can they use their magic to help the people of Distria? Or will the shadowy figures behind their country's war-torn history find a way to bury them?

Maybe Cover.png

Mac found her on the side of the road and took her in, believing she'd be dead before dawn. Five years later, his daughter Maybe is all he cares about in this forsaken planet. But in a winter world, maybe frozen hearts can thaw.

An injured werewolf with nowhere left to run. A witch with a nose for trouble. A bond they can't deny. Can they overcome the odds stacked up against them? Or will Crossriver Valley take two more souls?

The Holidays Cover.jpg

The holidays are the best time to snuggle up to the person you love the most. Welcome to this collection of lgbtqia+ short stories written just in time for your favorite holidays!

Logan Parrish might be mated to a fae, but he just wants to live a quiet life. Some fates can't be denied though, and when his estranged mate goes missing, the Queen appears with one demand; find her son. Logan returns to the Otherworld to locate his mate but the fae are divided and the stakes are greater than anyone knew. Can Logan find his mate and save the Otherworld? Or will he lose the happily ever after he never stopped dreaming of?

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