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What are you doing here? I am honestly not as interesting as a character in a novel or short story. Shouldn't you be reading something else?


Well, if you're gonna stick around, I might as well share. Hi! I'm Chris Bannor. I am a writer of speculative fiction. I work in both novel length works and in short stories. While I'm still polishing up my first novel for publication, I have a number of short stories and micro stories that have been published in the last year. Check out my books page to learn more about those.


Why speculative fiction? I adore fantasy and science fiction. I am truly terrified by a good horror story. I suppose the real reason is that life is all about the 'why's and 'what if's. It just so happens that when faced with a dilemma, my brain says... what if this happened... in space!! Wouldn't my co-worker's behavior make so much more sense if ... they are actually an ancient wizard? Why hasn't the zombie apocalypse happened yet? When are those aliens finally coming to abduct me?


Until then, I'm just a writer and the mother of two teenagers doing my best to wrangle my kids, my words, and my imagination into something presentable to the world.


If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on social media, join my newsletter, or if you're local, feel free to send me a message so we can grab a cup of coffee. I'd love to have a good conversation!


Chris Bannor

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