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 Europe; the continent of fallen empires, vengeful Gods, lovers, myths, and legends. From the leshys of The White Forest in the east to the Fae and Wildlings of the west, Europe is home to a rich tapestry of folklore and, within these pages, we shall share those stories with you. Featuring a plethora of experienced and first-time indie writers, Lost Lores and Legends takes you on a journey of the fantastical, the romantic, the dark, and the desperate through three-hundred-and-fifteen tales of exactly one-hundred words. As you read, remember this: the legends are true... don't dare to forget.

With a foreword by folklorist and best-selling author Benjamin Radford


Featuring "Great Sport", "Sanctuary", "The Dance", "Pilgrimage", and "Best Left Alone" by Chris Bannor.

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